video mash up

the “mash-up” genre is reliant on digital technologies, although the collage antecedents of filmmakers such as Bruce Connor and Craig Baldwin are of course exception. Birthed in the audio realm, working literally with “samples”, boundaries both artistic and legal were pushed in  infinite directions. 

The following pieces are mostly derived from broadcast television, working from topics of spot-news narratives (event…event), Orwellian persuasion (round-the-clock follies, The Responsibility of Intellectuals), and fragments of pre-millennial panic (The Last Years of the Twentieth Century). An additional piece (Video Diary 1997) is a hybrid, an experiment in mixing conceptually chosen items for personal expression. 

a-secret-history2 med hr

The Last Years Of The Twentieth Century                                                                     28 minutes  dv  2005

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iraq wars


Iraq War(s)   event event   Round the Clock Follies   The Responsibility of Intellectuals                                                                                                                  28 minutes  dv  2004



Video Diary                                                                                                                      7 minutes  Hi-8  1997

event…event…                                                                                                                3 minutes  VHS  1997

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